Specialised Design Services Ltd
 Specialised Design Services Ltd
 Specialised Design Services Ltd
 Specialised Design Services Ltd

SDS - List Os Areas Of Expertise:

  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems to meet NZ regulation
  • Issue of PS1 and PS4 certificate required by authority
  • Refrigeration Systems incl Refrigerants Ammonia, Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC's) and Azeotropic and Zeotropic Mixtures
  • Chilled Water (CHW) Generators, Pumps and Circulation Pipe Work
  • Cold & Freezer Rooms and Blast Freezing Facilities
  • Ancilliary Equipment - Evaporative Condensers, Cooling Towers, Plate Heat Exchangers, S & T Heat Exchangers & Chilled Water (CHW) Storage Tanks
  • Kitchen Extraction Hoods, Fans & Ducting
  • Hot Water Boilers and Central Heating Systems

SDS - Provision Of Services

The following Services and Deliverables can be provided for any of the SDS listed areas of expertise:

Project Work - New Installations and Upgrades

Basically include for all or a selection of the following:

  • Design & Drawing work, including preparation of Technical Specification Documents for:
    • - Project Consent
    • - Tender Purposes and Contract Stage
    • - Existing Installations - Modifications and Upgrade
  • Review of Tender Submissions, Evaluation and submission of a Recommendation Report for Appointment of Contractor
  • Periodic Site Progress Inspections of the Works, for compliance with specification and quality control
  • Review and Certification of Contractor Installation Progress Claims, for payment processing by the Client
  • Attendance to Contractor queries and Issue of Variation Instructions as required
  • Financial Control of the Project (Optional)
  • Attendance at Commissioning and Performance Testing of the Works, on completion, Final Inspection and Defects List
  • Issuing of the Project Completion Certificate and Handover of the works to the Client for beneficial use

Investigations and Reports

Engineering Investigations require considerable Technical Skill, Practical Knowledge and Experience from the Investigator. It demands a thorough and extensive understanding of the system components, operation thereof and control system of the applicable Installation being investigated.

The approach, to ensure success in resolving the particular problem, requires persistence combined with sound deductive reasoning ability, to arrive at the REAL reason for the Non Performance Problem of the System and / or Failure of the Equipment.

Our Services Available Inclide For The Following As Applicable

Special Investigations and Reports submitted as required due to:

  • Poor, Erratic or Substandard Performance of the following:
    • - Air Conditioning and / or Refrigeration Systems
    • - Cold & Freezer Rooms and Blast Freezer Installations
    • - Fresh Air Ducted Ventilation Systems
    • - Chilled Water (CHW) Generators with pumped circulation systems
    • - Hot Water Boilers (HWB) and pumped circulation Central Heating Systems
  • Premature or sudden and unexpected equipment failure
  • Technical Assistance as Expert Witness for Insurance Claims and / or Disputes
  • Excessive Fuel or Power Consumption, Low Energy Efficiency and determining of potential Annual Cost Savings
  • Excessive Noise breakout from equipment or systems, including noise measurements and attenuation proposals.